Weight 665 g
Author Dr. H. J. Shah
Pages 536 +16 = 552
Binding Paperback
ISBN 9788192869223
Size 170 mm × 235 mm × 22 mm
Edition 7th Edition 2014

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This volume II elucidates the basic principles involved in the analysis and design of Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures. The entire subject matter is divided in Twenty Two chapters. These chapters are arranged in four groups. The first group of chapter one to chapter eight contains the advanced topics in the design of beams, slabs and foundation. The name of the chapters are circular slabs; Ribbed and Waffle slabs; Flat Slab; Domes; Deep Beams and Corbels; beams Curved in Plan; Grid or coffered
floors; Circular Raft Foundations.

The second group of chapter nine to chapter sixteen discusses analysis and design of multistoreyed buildings with an example of an Unbraced building following the latest IS codes on earth quake and ductile detailing. Shear walls are also introduced. It contains chapter viz., multi-storeyed buildings: Fundamentals; Analysis and design for Gravity Loads: an overview ; Lateral Loads, Wind loads, Earthquake loads; Analysis of Lateral loads; Ductility considerations; Unbraced building design examples; Walls in buildings.
In the third group of chapter seventeen to chapter twenty one, the topics on water tanks are introduced and designed an accordance with IS: 3370-2009. The Chapters are: Water Tanks: fundamentals; Circular tanks; Rectangular Tanks; Elevated Water tanks; Intze Tanks are given.
The fourth group is chapter twenty two which contains chapter on Element of Prestressed Concrete.

The salient features of the book are:

* Simple, lucid and easy language
* Professional approach to designs
* Step-by-step treatment
* Comprehensive presentation
* Exposition to practical problems
* Excellent detailing

This book now contains:

* 303 Self explanatory and neat diagrams
* 63 Fully solved designs/problem
* 162 Examples and Questions for practice
* 156 Useful tables
* 64 Short questions with answers.

It is hoped that the book should be extremely useful to the Civil Engineering and Architecture students preparing for Degree Examinations of all Indian Universities, Diploma Examinations conducted by various Boards of Technical Education, Certificate Courses, as well as for the A.M.I.E., U.P.S.C., G.A.T.E. and other similar competitive and professional Examinations. It should also prove of great interest and practical use to the practicing engineers.

1 : Circular Slabs
2 : Ribbed Slabs and Waffle Slabs
3 : Flat Slabs
4 : d omes
5 : deep beams and corbels
6 : beams curved in plan
7 : grid or coffered floors
8 : Circular Raft Foundati ons
9 : multi -storeyed buildings: fundamentals
10 : a nalysis and design for gravity loads: an O verview
11 : Lateral loads
12 : a nalysis for Lateral loads
13 : Ductility considerati ons
14 : Unbraced building design example - I
15 : Unbraced building design example - II
16 : Walls in Buildings
17 : water ta nks: fundamentals
18 : Circular ta nks
19 : Recta ngular ta nks
20 : Elevated water ta nks
21 : i ntze ta nk
22 : eleme nts of prestressed concrete
Appendix A : Short questions with answers
Appendix B : useful tables

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