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Length170 mm
Thickness26 mm
Height240 mm
Weight835 g
AuthorDr. H. J. Shah
Pages580 + 8 = 588
Year 2004

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WORKED EXAMPLES OF APPLIED MECHANICSBy Dr. H. J. ShahEdition : 1st Edition ISBN : 8185594287 Size : 170 mm × 240 mm Binding : Paperback Pages : 580 + 8 = 588 ` 250.00ABOUT THIS BOOKIt is now more than 48 years since the First Edition of “Elements of Applied Mechanics” by Principal S. B. Junnarkar was published in 1955, which is now running in its 16th Revised, Enlarged and completely updated edition by Dr. H. J. Shah containing 776 pages. During this period, it has been accepted as the most standard and highly acclaimed textbook, which is widely used by a large group of students of Engineering of all branches reading for Engineering Degree Examinations of almost all the Indian Universities, as well as for Diploma Examinations conducted by various Boards of Technical Examinations, and also by the candidates reading for A.M.I.E., U.P.S.C. and GATE examinations, etc. On numerous requests from the students learning for this subject from various Engineering Institutions requesting us to publish “Worked Examples of Applied Mechanics”, and therefore this book is prepared containing 651 solutions of the examples given at the end of 38 chapters from the textbook “Applied Mechanics” with 480 Neat and self-explanatory drawings. Each chapter begins with summery, which gives an overview the entire topic and therefore the book becomes independent. The students using this book in reference with the “Applied Mechanics” textbook will be able to cover their syllabus thoroughly and need not to refer now any other Guide book of this subject, and would find this book extremely useful to deepen their knowledge and get success in their examination of this Engineering Subject.CONTENT1 : INTRODUCTION 2 : VECTORS 3 : COPLANAR CONCURRENT FORCES 4 : MOMENTS 5 : PARALLEL FORCES AND COUPLES 6 : RESULTANT OF COPLANAR FORCE SYSTEMS 7 : SPATIAL FORCES 8 : EQUILIBRIUM OF COPLANAR FORCE SYSTEMS 9 : REACTIONS 10 : EQUILIBRIUM OF SPATIAL FORCE SYSTEMS 11 : PROPERTIES OF LINES, AREAS AND SOLIDS 12 : TRUSSES 13 : FRAMES AND MECHANISMS 14 : GRAPHIC STATICS 15 : MOMENTS OF INERTIA 16 : FRICTION 17 : RECTILINEAR MOTION OF A PARTICLE 18 : MOTION UNDER VARIABLE ACCELERATION 19 : RELATIVE MOTION OF A PARTICLE 20 : CURVILINEAR MOTION OF A PARTICLE 21 : KINEMATICS OF RIGID BODIES 22 : KINEMATICS OF PARTICLES LAWS OF MOTION 23 : KINETICS OF PARTICLES : WORK AND ENERGY 24 : KINETICS OF PARTICLES : IMPULSE AND MOMENTUM 25 : CENTRAL FORCE MOTION 26 : COLLISIONS 27 : KINETICS OF SYSTEMS OF PARTICLES 28 : KINETICS OF RIGID BODIES 29 : MOTION OF VEHICLES 30 : BALANCING OF ROTATING MASSES 31 : VIRTUAL WORK 32 : THE CATENARY 33 : BELT AND ROPE DRIVE 34 : TOOTHED GEARING 35 : LIFTING MACHINES 36 : MECHANICAL VIBRATIONS 37 : HYDROSTATICS 38 : IMPACT OF JETS

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